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Referring Partner / Introducing Broker programme

The JM Financial Limited Referring Partner (RP) programme (or also known as Introducing Broker IB) is designed to enable professional individuals and institutions who have the ability through their professional and social network to refer business to JM Financial. Referred clients shall gain direct market access to a wide range of bank and non-bank liquidity providers and ECNs, competitive prices with better access to liquidity through aggregated feeds, with a comprehensive back-office solution.

RP Trading Setup

The JM Financial RP account setup is designed to be transparent which allows for live trading and commission monitoring.

Our RP account setup provides;

  • Low setup cost
  • Real-time monitoring of account balances
  • Variable leverage options
  • Aggregated liquidity feeds from Tier 1 banks
  • Technical analysis tools
  • Pure ECN brokerage
  • Client data protection
  • Flexibility over commercial rates


Institutional Services

JM Financial (“JM Financial”) is regulated by Ministry of Commerce in the State of Kuwait, JM Financial manages risk on a pre-trade basis via low latency pre-trade controls and offers clients a real-time position monitoring, co-located connectivity to bank and non-bank feeds.

Strong liquidity offering

  • JM Financial provides direct market access to a wide range of bank and non-bank liquidity providers and ECNs.
  • Aggregated liquidity feeds from Tier 1 banks: DB, CITI, BARX, MS, JPM, NOM, GS, CS, UBS, BNP, HSBC, RBS, Commerz, ANZ
  • Non-bank liquidity: GSA, Citadel, Virtu and others
  • ECNs: EBS, Currenex, FXAll, Hotspot, Bloomberg Tradebook FX

Unparalleled service to its clients and understands the needs of today’s modern investor. JM Financial will have a global focus with much more interest in emerging markets, this is due to our understanding and experience of such markets. JM Financial want to create a company that achieves a loyal following by being the best, both in terms of price, execution, and investment varieties, but also in service and support to its clients, JM Financial goal is to become a trusted, brand name internationally.


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